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evil-4-life thought: "Love this Blog !! I love them so much n I'm so glad I can see them on my dash now !!"

thank you very much (◡‿◡✿)

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jessewelle: At the Eagles game praying for a comeback. LETS GO!!!!

jessewelleAt the Eagles game praying for a comeback. LETS GO!!!!

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so i thought about going up to philly for the ovarian cancer walk but it turns out i have a concert that same day. i have to be at the venue by 3 and it wouldn’t work out with traffic :(

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jessewelle: We are just a normal couple.

jessewelleWe are just a normal couple.

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jeanapvp: Leaning Tower of Pisa #Italy #Roadtrip14

jeanapvp: Leaning Tower of Pisa #Italy #Roadtrip14

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Anonymous thought: "Hey! I've been realllly behind of the vlogs and the prank videos. Could you catch me up? I stopped watching around December D: has jesse proposed yet? Did they move? (I saw Instagram pictures)"

hello there! funny thing is, i’m so behind too. i gave up on catching up bc it seemed impossible so i recently started watching their new vlogs. 1. not yet, that day will be glorious. 2. they have! they moved to an apartment in philly. they only have one car now and barely use it since everything is within walking distance. that’s all i can think of as in updates…

OH they also went on another contiki trip across europe and had a meet up. and they spent a day with steve-o in philly. ((i didn’t realize he was that old..))

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Anonymous thought: "You have no idea my frustration. I live on Philadelphia and go to school in center city (where they are always walking around) and can point out the places they go in vlogs but vlogs are always a day behind so I can never go meet them!! I was literally at the 4th of July concert and yet couldn't meet them. They've probably driven by my school 100 times while I'm in it and I'll never know. ITS SO FRUSTRATING!"

wow that must be horrible!!! i feel the same whenever youtubers come to DC. it’s so close to me :’( i hope they’ll have a meet-up in philly one day. i would definitely go! i believe that, when you least expect it, you’re gonna run into them. can you imagine randomly running into them? i wouldn’t even know what to say! i need to be prepared lol

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Youtubers meme - [1/3] Couples
           > Jesse & Jeana

malwart thought: "I love Jesse and Jeana, and I hope they stay together forever, but sometimes I wonder if they would still be together if it wasn't for youtube. I wanted another opinion or thought, what do you think?"

hmm, i’d like to think they’re gonna stay together forever. they’ve been dating for a lot longer than the other youtubers that i watch. and, for the most part, i think youtube is helping their relationship. (with maybe the exception of the pranks sometimes but hey lol) they seem to genuinely enjoy doing the challenges with each other every sunday. they’ve also been more open with their relationship with us. fingers crossed they stay happy and healthy together.

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Anonymous thought: "Were do they live?"

they currently live in philadelphia, pa.

((which is about three hours away from me. so close yet so far…))

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